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 With more than 1.4 million Palestinians are logging on to social media sites. It’s essential that your organization or business stands out among the tremendous social media accounts that appear every day. It’s not enough to have a few social media accounts, but a strategy to manage them and to build a new relationship with your target audience.

SocialStudio™ provides you with detailed reporting on the current performance, discussing key performance indicators (KPI), suggest new tactics and practices to improve the overall performance. Today’s customers are no more like before, they expect to interact with companies and organizations they do business with. We’ll help you, making that interaction correctly.

Our Work

SocialStudio™ is the first social media specialized agency in Palestine, it is a real studio that listens to the local social media tools, through sophisticated software and tools that integrate together to provide up to date insights and statistics. Our specialized team served businesses, organizations and public figures to improve their social media presence. We strive to make success stories with our clients and make sure to serve them the our utmost effort. We’re grateful for all of our clients who granted us their trust to manage and improve their accounts. Currently, we’re proud to serve leading Palestinian accounts in different fields.

In the first quarter of 2015, SocialStudio™ will be finishing its own social media listening and reporting tools which will provide the local market with a very useful studies, reports and visualization of the local market.

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